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Development Projects
Wangard/Reinders Multi-Family Residential Development Rezoning Request - January 2017
Wangard Partners Inc. and R&R Investments of Wisconsin, LLC are proposing to redevelop the properties located at 13420 & 13500 Watertown Plank Road to mixed-use multiple family residential. The proposal includes three apartment buildings with multiple types of apartment units, one building with townhomes, and one mixed-use residential/retail building.

Rezoning Request Letter and Related Documents - January 2017

Wangard Partners Redevelopment Application Withdrawal Letter 01.31.17 
Wangard/Reinders Redevelopment Proposal Presentation 01.23.17
Wangard/Reinders Village Board Submission 01.18.17
Multifamily Development With Mixed-Use Site Design Concept
Memo From The Village Manager 01.19.17
Memo From The Zoning Administrator 01.19.17
Recommendations From the Reinders/Wangard Ad Hoc Committee 12.15.16
Potential Redevelopment Timetable

Overview of Development Review Process
Below is a link to the Village's guidelines for those interested in requesting of a rezoning petition/ redevelopment. This document is not to be construed as an approved timeline for action, but merely a guide for establishing milestones in the process.

Development and Rezoning Forecasting Timeline