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Licenses & Permits
For a blank copy of the form, please use the .pdf link.  Additional information can be found by clicking on the title. 

If you don't see the permit or application you need, please contact Village Hall at 262-782-6700.  Bookmark this page for quick access in the future!

Absentee Ballot Info & Application    Operator/Bartender License   PDF Form
Accessory Structure Process and Application
(sheds, gazebos, etc.)
   PDF Form
Plan of Operation   PDF Form
Agent Schedule   PDF Form Police Dept. Open Records Request   PDF Form
Alarm System Permit   PDF Form Public Way Disturbance Permit   PDF Form
Alcohol License   Renew   Original   Auxiliary Recreation Program Sign Up   PDF Form
Alteration Application Packet   PDF Form Rent the: Pavilion/Gazebo   Field/Court
Banner Permit   PDF Form Right of Way Permit   PDF Form
Bike Registration   Sewer Lateral Permit   PDF Form
Brick Order Form   Solicitor/Transient Merchant Application   PDF Form
Cigarette Permit   PDF Form Special Brush Pickup Application   PDF Form
Conditional Use Permit   PDF Form Special Event Permit (Alcohol for Events)   PDF Form
Dance Hall Permit   PDF Form Special Exception   PDF Form
Demolition Permit   PDF Form Storage Container Permit   PDF Form
Dog License Application   PDF Form Temporary Alcohol License   PDF Form
Donations   Temporary Sign Application   Business  Church/Civic Group
Driveway Permit   PDF Form Uniform Permit Application (Building Permit)   PDF Form
Employment Application   PDF Form Variance Request   PDF Form
For Profit Park Activity Permit    PDF Form Voter Registration Application   PDF Form
Meeting Room Reservation   PDF Form Water Service Application   PDF Form
Non-Profit Park Activity Permit   PDF Form Well Operation or Abandonment   PDF Form   PDF Form