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Click It or Ticket
Jason Hennen
Assistant Chief

Ph: (262) 786-4141

Elm Grove PD will intensify its enforcement of Wisconsin’s mandatory safety belt law during the annual Click It or Ticket mobilization from May through June. Approximately 400 law enforcement agencies throughout the state are expected to participate in this year’s Click It or Ticket mobilization.

Traffic deaths in Wisconsin so far this year have increased compared with the same time last year. And in all too many recent fatal crashes, the drivers and passengers were ejected from their vehicle because they were not buckled up. That’s why we’re serious about safety belt enforcement. To save lives and prevent injuries, our officers will stop a vehicle and issue tickets whenever they see an unbuckled driver or passenger. Our goal during Click It or Ticket and throughout the year is not to write more tickets. Through enforcement and education, we’re trying to convince everyone to buckle up voluntarily so that eventually we can reduce the number of preventable traffic deaths to zero in Wisconsin. But if voluntary compliance fails and people ignore the law as well as common sense, we will provide a very convincing reminder about wearing their safety belts.

Click it or Ticket
Law enforcement agencies throughout the state are cracking down on unbelted motorists. Last year, there were nearly 85,000 convictions for failure to fasten safety belts. Among all traffic violations, safety belt convictions in Wisconsin were second only to speeding convictions, according to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

Consistent safety belt use will protect you from being ejected from a vehicle during a crash or thrown around violently inside it and possibly hitting another person in the vehicle with massive force. There really is no rational reason to not buckle up.